Roger Woodward went over the falls in 1960 when he was just 7 years old and survived with only a slight concussion. After being pulled out of the water he was given chocolate milk to help him feel better.

Niagara Falls, Ontario.

My first Canadian Christmas and my first white christmas for a while. The Brodies looked after me well and made sure i sampled some of the finest finger buffets in southwest Ontario.

Photos taken up the road from Delaware, Ontario.

Pat, Sheffield.

Check out Pat at the new Metropolitan Skateboards website.

My last work in Sheffield for a while, leaving for Montreal on Wednesaday.

If you're having trouble finding the local chippy in Harrow just look up.


Had a good weekend shooting the stills for the Kid Acne 'Eddy Fresh' video.

One last late night crepe. Left Paris after almost a year and headed back to Sheffield temporarily.

Saint James

Saw this guy on my way home from work at about 7 this morning riding past LIMA.

Website updates

Finally sorted out some updates on the website in all sections except for music. I'm working on getting some more images on there very soon. Updates and blog entries coming a lot more frequently now.


Stopped at a bar for some pinball after playing tennis. May, Bastille.


Found this photo of Susan from a couple of years ago on an old roll of film I hadn't got round to developing.

Commercial work for Mii Store

Here are a few photos I did for Mii Store last year that they used for their advertising and promotional work. The four small photos of the diamond encrusted usb key were taken by someone else but the rest are mine.

Website Online!

Finally got my webiste online. Not much on it yet as most of my images still in UK but it will be updated in the next month. I'll keep updates posted on here.


Updates aren't going to be very regular at the moment. I haven't got a scanner so I can't post any images I've been shooting on film. My set up's a bit ghetto as most of my things are still in England but i should be sorting that out soon.

Clark Magazine

The new edition of Clark Magazine is out. Me and Susan have got a couple of photos in their that we worked on together for the kitsune and Fake interviews.