I've been working with new skateboard project/company Alena. There's a really talented group of people behind Alena so expect some good things to happen. I definitely feel lucky to be associated with these guys.

This is Alena's first rider Mike Fyfe warming up with a super fast 5050. Check out the Alena site to see more.

Mike Fyfe, Montreal.

Matthew Scholes
put this short film together from some super 8 footage he shot, and a few things I filmed, back when we were both Sheffield locals.
I recently went back to England and rescued a load of photos from my old computer. I've already posted a few of them and there's more to come. Here are a couple images from two amazing shows I went to a few years ago.

Magnolia Electric Co. Rescue Rooms, Nottingham.

James, James & Wife. Lantern Theatre, Sheffield.
Some of the post war architecture in Sheffield should be admired and some of it should be a reminder of what can happen when urban planning goes wrong. I don't think either is being paid enough attention. Park Hill flats are an exception but whether they should be revered or condemned splits the people of the city. I don't think the planned development of turning it into upmarket apartments and shops is the answer but at least it stops the council (who continue to make awful decisions regarding Sheffield's urban landscape) from knocking it down and people can argue over its worth for some time yet.

Park Hill, Sheffield
Rich is one of my favourite photographers and he recently started Ireland's first skate mag, Wizard.

Rich Gilligan, Cornwall.